Page 2 - 34.Things We Can Do To Recycle - Part 2
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7. Instead of using paper cups or bottled water, use coffee mugs

                   or a personal water bottle. Coffee mugs and personal water

                   bottles  are  portable  and  can  be  reused.  However  plastic

                   cups/bottled  water  are  thrown  away  after  each  use  thus

                   increasing the amount of waste to be disposed of.

               8. Adopt the use of recycled paper for copier paper, letterhead

                   and newsletters. With recycled paper there is reduced waste,

                   they are cheaper with high quality.

               9. Buy products in bulk. Purchasing products in large quantities

                   or economy sized ones usually use less packaging and also cost

                   less per unit. When we purchase goods in bulk it takes some

                   time before the new ones are needed.

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