Eastern Credit Union’s story begins on a landmark day, April 16, 1973, rising from the legacy of the Bermudez Employees Credit Union. It was a humble yet bold beginning, with twenty-two visionary pioneers from the Bermudez Biscuit Company pooling together a mere $59.50. This modest sum symbolized not just the start of a financial institution, but the birth of a dream driven by unity and foresight.

In the early years, Eastern’s growth mirrored the dynamic industrial development in Aranguez, EL Socorro, and San Juan. By 1975, we began embracing a diverse array of businesses into our community. Notable names such as Cheese borough Ponds, Flavorite, YKK Zippers, and Holiday Foods joined the Eastern family, marking our first major steps towards diversification and inclusive growth.

These early decisions to expand and consolidate set the tone for our operations. Our journey was never just about financial transactions; it was about creating a bond that transcended traditional business relationships. This ethos of inclusivity and growth propelled us forward, breaking the usual confines and extending our reach to embrace every corner of Trinidad and Tobago.

Today, Eastern Credit Union stands as a testament to the power of community and collective vision. From a small group with a modest sum to a leading financial cooperative, our history is a story of relentless pursuit of growth, not just in size but in strength and unity. It isa journey that continues to inspire and guide us, as we write new chapters in our ever-evolving narrative.

Eastern Credit Union is deeply committed to the philosophies and operating principles that define the Global Credit Union System. This commitment is more than adherence; it’s an embodiment of values and ideals that shape our every action. Our mission, therefore, is not just a statement but a living promise: to be a dynamic financial cooperative that consistently delivers superior quality services. We achieve this by blending traditional values of community with modern financial practices, ensuring every interaction with our members is not just a transaction, but a meaningful exchange.

Our vision is an ambitious yet attainable dream that stretches beyond local horizons. We aspire to be recognized as a premier financial cooperative not just regionally, but on an international stage. This vision propels us to exceed not only the economic but also the social expectations of our members. It’s a vision where financial excellence meets social responsibility, where every decision is weighed not just in monetary value, but in its impact on the lives of our members. We see ourselves as more than a credit union; we are a community beacon, illuminating paths not only to financial success but also to social well-being and empowerment. Eastern Credit Union’s vision is thus a reflection of our deep-rooted belief in the power of unity, the importance of financial inclusivity, and the impact of fostering a global community.

Inline with our mission and vision, a crowning achievement was unveiling ‘LaJoya’, a multi-purpose facility in St. Joseph. More than just a building, LaJoya, or ‘The Jewel’, symbolizes our commitment to community, housing everything from our Administrative Headquarters to recreational and educational facilities. Our history is marked by numerous milestones, including a nationwide educational initiative in 1985 and a National Hummingbird Award in 1990, recognizing our contribution to Credit Union Development.

Innovation is at the core of our service development, driven by the diverse needs of our members. Our foray into Automatic Teller Machines and the establishment of our Call Centre are testaments to our commitment to accessibility and convenience. From 24/7 account access to initiating loan applications over the phone, we’re continually evolving to serve you better.

For decades, we’ve actively supported the arts, sports, and culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Our involvement extends to literacy programs and educational outreach, including a homework center. Initiatives like the ‘Diabetes Walk’ in 2010, reflect our dedication to the holistic well-being of our members and the broader community, highlighting our commitment to social responsibility.

Eastern Credit Union is dedicated to growing and enriching our movement, fostering the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our members. We’re more than a financial institution; we’re a community dedicated to mutual growth and shared success.