Loan Protection Insurance

Secure Your Loans, Secure Your Peace of Mind.

Secure Your Financial Journey with ECU's Loan Protection Insurance

In life’s unpredictable journey, Eastern Credit Union stands with you, offering Loan Protection Insurance to safeguard your financial commitments. Our Loan Protection Insurance is designed to ensure that your loan obligations are met, even in the face of life’s unexpected turns.

This coverage is an integral part of our commitment to provide financial security and peace of mind to our members, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain protected.

Loan Protection Insurance Explained

  • Comprehensive Coverage: All loans are covered up to a maximum of $300,000, providing a wide safety net for various loan types.
  • Member Responsibility: The cost of this essential insurance is conveniently incorporated into your loan, ensuring seamless protection from day one.
  • Financial Security: In the event of unforeseen circumstances, this insurance steps in to cover your loan repayments, maintaining your credit standing and protecting your family from financial burden.

Key Features of Loan Protection Insurance

Safeguard Against Uncertainty

Your loan balance is covered in case of unexpected life events, allowing you and your family to focus on what truly matters during difficult times.

Preserve Your Savings

Protect your savings and assets by ensuring that your loan obligations are fulfilled without dipping into your personal funds.

Maintain Your Financial Health

Keep your financial plans on track and your credit history intact, regardless of life’s challenges

Why ECU's Loan Protection Insurance?

  • Member-Centric: Tailored specifically for Eastern Credit Union members, this insurance reflects our dedication to your financial well-being.
  • Ease of Mind: Knowing your loans are protected helps ease the financial stress associated with loans and borrowing.
  • Transparent Costs: The cost of insurance is clearly outlined at the outset, so there are no surprises—just comprehensive coverage.

Secure Your Wealth: Life Savings Insurance on Shares

Protect your savings effortlessly with our exclusive coverage – a gift to our valued members.