Ordinary Shares at ECU

Grow your wealth.

Your Path to Financial Security Starts with Ordinary Shares

Eastern Credit Union invites you to become a part of our thriving community through Ordinary Shares. These shares not only represent a piece of ownership in ECU but also a smart investment in your financial future. By becoming a shareholder, you gain access to a world of benefits, from annual dividends to insurance coverage, all designed to enhance your financial well-being. Let’s explore how Ordinary Shares can be a cornerstone of your savings strategy and a tool for securing your future.

Ordinary Shares Overview:

  • Ownership and Profits: As a shareholder, enjoy equal rights to profits, distributed as dividends.
  • Membership Entry: Purchase a minimum of one (1) share at $5.00 to join the ECU family.
  • Annual Contribution: Members are encouraged to contribute a minimum of $500.00 annually to their share savings.
  • Dividend Payments: Earn dividends on your share savings annually, enhancing your investment over time.
  • Insurance Coverage: Shares come with insurance coverage, offering peace of mind with a maximum benefit of $30,000.00.
  • Beneficiary Benefits: In the event of your passing, your shares and their benefits are transferred to your designated beneficiary.
  • Loan Security: Use your shares as collateral for loans, providing security when you need financial support.
  • Thrift and Security: Your share savings demonstrate wise money management and contribute to your long-term financial security.

Want To Increase Your Ordinary Shares?

Engage in a Thriving Financial Community: Becoming more involved with Eastern Credit Union by increasing your Ordinary Shares means investing in a cooperative that values your financial growth and stability. It’s an opportunity to deepen your connection with a community that supports mutual financial success and resilience.

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