Maxi Taxi Loan

Empower Your Transport Business: Maxi Taxi Loan.

Fueling Your Business Growth

Eastern Credit Union is dedicated to fueling the growth of your transportation business with our Maxi Taxi Loan options. Tailored for both new and used Maxi Taxis, we offer competitive rates and customized terms to facilitate your vehicle purchase. Our goal is to streamline your path to business expansion, making the journey to owning a Maxi Taxi efficient and financially manageable.

Loan Type Vehicle Age Term
New Maxi Taxi Loan 0 Normal lending guidelines apply
Used Maxi Taxi Loan 4-7 Years Normal lending guidelines apply

Flexible Loan Duration

Loan terms of up to a maximum of 84 months (7 years) are tailored to match your financial timeline.

Competitive Interest Rate

Enjoy an attractive monthly rate on the reducing balance, ensuring affordability.

Member Share Requirement

Depends on your relationship within the credit union, credit history, and the purpose of the loan.

Flexible Loan Period

Up to a maximum of 84 months (7 years), aligning with your academic timeline.

General Required Documents for Loan Application

  • Current Job letter.
  • Recent salary slip.
  • Two forms of ID.
  • Utility Bill or Bank Statement (Members without a utility bill/bank statement in their name are advised to provide a letter from the addressee on the utility bill confirming their address & valid copy of their ID).
  • Invoice or Letter of sale for vehicle.
  • Recent certified copy (No older than 6 months)
  • Vehicle Appraisal (Twin Isle Adjusters: 640-8300, Motor Critic: 628-8554, Cariclaims: 625-9080)
  • Quotation for Fully Comprehensive Insurance from Maritime.

Additional Required Documents for Loan Application

  • Valid Driver’s Permit/Taxi Badge.
  • Certificate to Acquire a Maxi Taxi (Owner)
  • Permit to operate a Maxi Taxi (Owner/Driver)
  • Contract between Driver and Owner (where applicable)
  • Life Insurance of Quotation for Life Insurance.
  • Proof of authorization from Licensing Office to transfer rights.
  • Proof of Ownership of existing vehicle to transfer pass to new vehicle.
  • Authorization Letter from Licensing Officer to effect the transfer.

Ready to Upgrade Your Maxi Taxi Fleet?

Secure the funds you need to expand your business with ease! Apply now for our Maxi Taxi Loan and unlock flexible financing options designed for your success. Fill out the form below, choose your preferred branch, and let us empower your journey towards growth and prosperity!

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