Savings Deposit

Maximize YourFlexibility.

Discover Financial Freedom with Our Savings Deposit Account

Eastern Credit Union presents our Savings Deposit account, designed with your financial freedom and accessibility in mind. Perfect for individuals seeking effortless management of their finances, this account offers the ultimate convenience of having your funds readily available whenever you need them. With competitive interest rates, the ability to manage your money on the go, and the security of knowing your savings are growing, our Savings Deposit account is here to align withyour everyday banking needs and long-term financial goals.

Savings Deposit Overview

  • Accessibility: Enjoy the freedom to deposit and withdraw funds at any time through our extensive ATM network.
  • LINX Service: Gain access to the LINX network for broader transaction capabilities.
  • Interest Benefits: Earn interest paid quarterly based on your minimum monthly balance, turning your everyday savings into a growing asset.
  • Direct Salary Deposits: Have your salary directly deposited into your account for convenience and efficiency.
  • Standing Orders: Simplify your financial management with standing orders for regular monthly expenses, ensuring timely payments without the hassle.
  • Deposits: Over the counter by Tellers or via the ATM at all Eastern Credit Union Branches except Port of Spain.

Why Choose a Savings Deposit Account?

  • Ease of Use: Our Savings Deposit account is designed to offer you the simplicity and ease of managing your finances without any complications.
  • Financial Growth: Not only does your money remain accessible, but it also grows thanks to our competitive interest rates.
  • Convenience: With features like direct salary deposit and the ability to set up standing orders, financial management has never been easier.

Ready to Simplify Your Savings?

Opening a Savings Deposit account with Eastern Credit Unionis the first step towards a more flexible and manageable financial life.Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, managing daily expenses, or planning forthe future, our account is designed to meet your needs.

Secure Your Savings

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