As a member you will receive benefits...

Members are owners

This means that you can participate in electing the Board of Directors and Committee members. You have an equal vote regardless of the amount of money in your savings.

No Maintenance Fees

Our savings accounts carry no monthly service fees. The money you deposit remains there until you withdraw it.

No hidden charges

We give you all the charges on loans up front and the rate of interest is the same for the duration of the loan. Interest is charged on the reducing balance method, this means that as the loan amount decreases interest payment decreases.

Interest Rebate

Every year member’s get a percentage of interest paid on their loans deposited onto their shares.

Fixed Interest on Loans

The interest on loans is fixed throughout the life cycle of the loan until it is paid off.

Shares used as Collateral

Your collateral is placed on your shares, where you receive an annual dividend and maintain your shares savings upon completion of the loan.

ATM Card on LINX Network

The Sprint ATM card gives you access to funds 24/7 at Eastern and commercial banks ATMs and at merchant point of sale machines. The card also serves as a discount card at select merchants.

FREE educational programmes

As a member, you have access to educational programmes that will help improve your standard of living. Programmes such as financial literacy, will preparation and SEA motivational workshops.

Access to Education grants

Successful SEA students and members pursuing tertiary studies have access to annual bursaries to cover financial costs.

Access to Family Indemnity plan (FIP)

This is a group life insurance coverage that provides members with cash benefit in the event of the death of a loved one.

Life Savings Plus Insurance

In the event of your passing, this plan will provide your loved ones with a monthly benefit for 12 months.

Field Service

Sales Officers are available to visit you to transact business if it is not convenient to visit a branch.

Online Banking / Internet Banking

Members will be able to easily and securely access their accounts on the go with access to check your balances, transfer funds and pay bills.


A dividend is a portion of the credit union’s earning that is returned to shareholders. Dividends are paid on an annual basis.

Standing Orders

Members of Eastern Credit Union have access to External and Internal Standing Orders (also known... Learn more

Complementary Benefits

Eastern Credit Union serves as an agent for Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation. Persons... Learn more

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